WW – Grading Guidelines

How will I be assessed?

1) Sharing – You must share at least twice a month. Each share is worth 5 points.

2) Daily Writing – I expect you to be writing in class. If you are stuck, you are more than welcome to ask for help or advice; however, there is no excuse for sitting at your desk and doing nothing. Daily writing is worth 10 points.

3) Example Pieces – I will ask you to demonstrate the skills discussed and practiced during mini-lessons in your writing. From time to time, I will ask you to pull a piece of writing that demonstrates these techniques. Example Pieces will be worth between 5 and 10 points.

4) Complete Pieces – I will not be grading everything you write; it wouldn’t make any sense. Professional writers have to produce a lot of bad writing before they produce something they are proud of. The same will go for you. Every now and then I will ask you to pick your favorite piece of recent writing. Sometimes you will turn it in right away. Other times we will spend some time perfecting that piece. Completed pieces will be worth between 30 and 80 points.

5) Publication – Your writing in this class will be for an authentic audience, not just the teacher. At the end of each semester, I will ask you to pick your favorite piece, perfect it, and publish it. You can do this by mailing your writing to family or friends, submitting it to a contest, or sending it in to a website. Your publication is work 20 points.

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