Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop is a time for students to be true writers. They do not spend their time completing rigid assignments dictated by the teacher; that is not real writing. Instead, students become the masters of their own writing universe, choosing the topics they write about and the genres in which they write. Research shows that this is the way true progress is made with writers, so we will embrace it for all it’s worth!

This is how Writer’s Workshop will work:

1) Notebook Thinking/Writing Warm-up (5 – 10 minutes): This will be a short activity to get our brains ready for writing.

2) Mini-lesson (10-20 minutes): Every Writer’s Workshop day, I will present a mini-lesson to the class. These lessons will cover certain writing techniques or practices, suggestions for  where to take writing, and specific things on which we can improve.

3) Status Check (2 minutes): Before writing begins, everyone must share the topic they plan on writing about. I will keep track of the topics you choose in order to track your progress.

4) Writing Time (15 – 25 minutes): Most days you will have free-range over the topics you choose. Other days I might ask you to work within a more defined area, or we will do writing activities/exercises as a class. Writing time is thinking time. This means it should be quiet as you work and write.

5) Conferences (during Writing Time): During writing time, I will call students up one at a time for a quick conference. I will ask questions about the piece you are working on and do my best to help you strengthen your writing. Come with questions! It is your responsibility to ask me questions during this time.

6) Sharing (5 – 10 minutes): This is a very important part of Writer’s Workshop. I know it is scary to read your writing in from of others; however, hearing what your peers are working on and having them comment on your writing will help you grow. Just remember this: no one is here to criticize; we are all here to become better writers, and the best way to do that is to work together.

Grading guidlines are provided under the “WW – Grading Guidelines” page!

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