The Ins and Outs of Blogging

To help encourage meaningful discussion about books of all genres, students will be expected to participate in this online learning community.

Each Friday, Ms. Jeffers will open a post in your grade level page for you to comment on. Make sure that you comment on the post labeled with the correct week. Comments are due by THURSDAY at midnight and will automatically be HALF credit if not submitted on time. Late work will only be accepted on the immediate Friday after a post is due*. After that Friday, late work for that week is not accepted because we cannot have meaningful and exciting discussions about literature with unwilling participants.

Each week you will be responsible for THREE things.

1. POST: You need to pick a question at either the A, B, or C level, and answer it as it relates to your book. (These can be found on the on the sub-menu under this page.). Include a quotation from your book and explain how it relates to your chosen question. Type up your response in a word processing system (like Microsoft Word), so  you have spell check, and can save a copy in the event your post does not go through properly.

2. QUESTION: Once you answer a question, you must also leave a question of your own at the end for someone else to answer. This question must be original and inspired by your book (What is it making you think about?). You will post this question as a comment on the thread for that week.

3. RESPOND: You must read through the questions posted by your peers and respond to one with your own thoughts about their question. You DO NOT need to respond relating it to your book. This is the time for you to discuss based on your own life and experiences. Provide specific examples of things that you have seen or experienced that make you think the way you do. (10 points)

Additionally, as an incentive to get students to post early, the first poster for each class DOES NOT need to post a response. He/she only needs to respond to an A, B, or C level question and leave a question of his/her own.

Lastly, it needs to be said that these things don’t need to happen in any specific order! You are more than welcome to write a response before you write your own post or pose a question before doing anything else. This is supposed to be a discussion and there is no one formula for a good discussion. Let’s just go with it and see where our thoughts and opinions take us!

Grading and post guidelines are provided under the “IRP – Grading Guidelines” page!

*If you do not submit your post in time, WordPress will lock you out and you will not be able to comment. You must write your post, question, and response on a piece of paper and physically hand that in to me on Friday.

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