IRP Rules

1. Be safe – DO NOT USE LAST NAMES. EVER. Post only with your first name and last initial. You may upload a picture for your avatar, but you MAY NOT upload a picture of your face. Pictures cannot show your face in any way and should be appropriate.

2. Be polite, respectful, and professional – This website is part of your English grade and is not the place for inappropriate comments. The rules and guidelines outlined in the PVJHS handbook apply to this blog.

3. Follow directions – Use the guidelines, models, and examples to post your best writing and responses online.

4. Think about smart internet usage – What you post here is public. Even if you delete it, we know everything can stay on the web forever. Make sure that edit your writing and present your best self online.

5. Encourage each other – Your peers are all posting online, and you should applaud them when they write something insightful or say something interesting. Feel free to comment on their posts and provide feedback about their writing.

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