Grammar Review

At this page, you will find different links for grammar review. As we study different concepts, I will link activities for each skill, so you are prepared for the grammar quizzes throughout the year and the test at the end of second semester.

NOTE: When you play the kahoots, make sure you DO NOT turn on “automatically move through questions.” This is because you should be figuring things out after the answer is revealed and, if you are playing with a person, talking about the mistakes and/or how to fix them. THAT IS HOW THIS TRANSFORMS INTO REAL KNOWLEDGE you can later apply on the assessment.

Parts of Speech Kahoot!

Capitalization Kahoot!

Learning Compound (FANBOYS) and Complex (AAAWWUBBIS) rules presentation and practice

Compound/Complex Review Kahoot!

Homophone Review Kahoot!

Affect/Effect Video