Argumentative Letter Steps

The videos below will help you complete your argumentative letter assignment. They teach you and walk you through all of the steps of the assignment. The purpose of this is so you can work at your own pace, not having to wait for my next lesson, and you can go back and review something if you need a refresher or you are absent.

While the argumentative letter is, in many ways, a self-paced assignment, please know that you can ALWAYS flag me down and ask for help.

Step 1: Reviewing the Databases

Step 2: Researching

Step 2.5: What happens if the source I want to use doesn’t automatically cite it for me? (Note: This video was made in the past for a project using Noodle Tools. We aren’t using Noodle Tools, so you can ignore that stuff, but it still walks you through the process of citing something yourself.)

Step 3: From Research to Outline

Step 4: Explaining Evidence – A Review

Step 5: From Outline to Letter

Step 6: Revise and edit your letter like your life depended on it! Read your letter aloud to find mistakes, and read it backwards sentence by sentence. Ask me questions about formatting, organization, etc. This letter is going to a real human being who has real power to change what you think needs to be change. Mistakes will make you look sloppy and like you don’t know what  you are talking about, and the person will be less likely to listen to you. Therefore, you should revise and edit this writing assignment MORE than any other writing assignment you have completed this year.