Changing the World!

Class began with IR and students printing out their letters if they needed to. After everyone printed, I walked students through how to address, so if you missed class, use the photo below to help you with this process.


Students then addressed, stamped, and stuffed their envelopes and gave them to me to mail off today!

Next, students used this document to color code their letters before uploading them to the assignment posted to google classroom in order to turn them in.

Afterwards, students completed a second grammar checkpoint for practice since their test is on Monday. This allowed to see if they had improved since the first time we did this practice and also which skills were giving them trouble. I’ve linked both checkpoints below, so students can use them to study if they’d like.

Grammar Checkpoint 1

Grammar Checkpoint 2

Once students were done, they looked at their results to see if any patterns were emerging (for example, was it homophones that gave them trouble), and then they got into groups to review whatever they needed to review using the tools on this website.


  1. Read for 60 minutes.