20Time Showcase

Class began the usual way, but students did not have a welcome activity today. After reading, we were lucky enough to attend the 20Time Showcase the eighth grade language arts classes were putting on. This is a project all PV students do during their eight grade year where students choose something they are interested in learning about or how to do, and they do it while chronicling their process using skills they learned during language arts. The seventh graders went not only to see some of the projects and get ideas but to also practice their speaking and listening skills through having conversations with the students presenting. It was a super cool experience, and we debriefed afterwards about the projects that really stood out to students.

We spent the rest of our day watching CNN10, doing Notebook Thinking, and playing a vocabulary review game. In first/second block we did quizlet live, but the rest of the day tried out a new came called gimkit, and the students really seemed to enjoy it. Some asked me to post it in the vocabulary section of my website, but it doesn’t let me. 😦 We will just have to play again as a class!


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  3. Argumentative Letter – Proficient Reader Slip (make sure you make improvements to your letter based on your reader’s feedback)
  4. Bring a stamp!