From Outline to Letter

Class began the usual way. Students completed a WA that had them reviewing certain grammar concepts.

During IR, students who did not yet complete their This I Believe speech reflection had time to completed it. If you were absent today or, for any reason, have not yet completed the speech reflection, it is now marked as “missing” in the gradebook. You can access it by going to this link. If we recorded your speech on the iPad, it is shared with you in your google drive.

After reading, we moved into Notebook Thinking, and the prompt is attached below. Students who are fans of Harry Potter were encouraged to write about any of the prompts below, and those that are not were encouraged to develop an app they wish they could have on their devices – even if it is outside the realm of what is possible.


After NBT, we moved into working on our argument projects. Students should have come to class today with a completed outline. I showed them my completed outline and explained that there step today is to take this outline and turn it into a letter. There is a video on my website that walks them through this process, and I suggested they watch just a minute or so of the video, pause it, and then complete the step themselves. When they are done, their letters should look very similar to my example; however, the date at the top would be the day we are actually sending them out – May 25th.

If students finished, they were able to go to the library to print after I looked over their letter.

Once done, they were encouraged to review grammar or vocabulary as we have tests in both coming up next week.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Rough draft of your letter is due tomorrow for peer revision

FYI: Again, here is our calendar for the end of the year: