Hyphens and Outlines

Class began the usual way. Students completed a WA that had them practicing with hyphens. I’ve attached the activity below.

Hyphens Welcome Activity 1

During IR, I continued to conference with students about their argument checkpoint, and students who wanted to/needed to reassess had the opportunity to review and then reassess. This will continue throughout the rest of the week, so I will meet with every student at some point.

After IR and conferencing, students moved into Notebook Thinking. Since we didn’t have video Tuesday yesterday, we had that today, and it was an example of the impact the students can make when they send their letters.

After writing, students came up with synonyms and antonyms for their weekly words, and then I gave some directions for how to students should go about moving from their research to their outlines by watching the video I made for them piece by piece as they complete their work.

They also received this handout to help them with the cohesion of their pieces. How and when to use different types of transitions is explained more in-depth in the video.


We spent the rest of the time (about 30 minutes) in the library, so students could work on their outlines. I was available for that entire time to help students with questions.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Outlines are due on MONDAY. We will have time on Thursday and Friday to work, but if you are behind (meaning you were still researching today), you should take some time at home to get caught up.
  3. Bring headphones the rest of the week.