Grammar Assessment Practice and Research

Class began the usual way. Students completed a WA that had them looking at different evidence and using that evidence to figure out a reason to support a claim. This is very much like what they have to do for their projects – look at all of the research and figure out what reasons shine through from that evidence.

During IR time, I conferred with students about their argument checkpoint from Friday. Students had the opportunity to review and reassess if they needed/wanted to.

After reading and with their partners, students discussed the following questions before talking about this as a class:

  1. What reason can you draw from this evidence?
  2. Which piece of evidence doesn’t fit the reasons?
  3. Which evidence should we eliminate because it isn’t as good as the others?

The last question is one that I highlighted. There was one piece of “evidence” listed on the handout that was not necessarily evidence; instead, it was someone just restating the reason. It’s important students stay away from stuff like this because it doesn’t make more a very convincing argument to say “This is a reason because someone said it is a reason.” Instead specific numbers, facts, or experiences are much more convincing and worthwhile.

We didn’t have Notebook Thinking today. Instead, students took a practice grammar assessment. In two weeks, they will have their grammar test, and, as I explained to them in class, this isn’t something they can retake because we don’t have time for them to retake it. Also, they HAVE already taken it twice and have seen their scores, so this is the third and final time.

To prepare for this, I game them a practice test where they looked at seven different sentences and made corrections. Then, we went over it as a class, so they could have an idea of how they were doing. I suggested that they take a look at where they missed points and visit the grammar review section of my website to work on these things. For example, if they noticed they made a lot of mistakes with homophones, they could do one of the homophone reviews.

I have also linked the grammar practice assessment here and there, so they could retake it and check their work. An answer key is included.

The second half of class was spent in the library finishing up research. This is our third, solid day of research time, so research is due tomorrow. Students should be able to answer “yes” to all the statements at the top of their research document. Note: Only RESEARCH is due tomorrow. The OUTLINE is not due yet.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Bring headphones.
  3. Research is due tomorrow. Make sure to turn in your document!