Argument Checkpoint and Research

Class began the usual way. Students completed a WA that had them reviewing different grammar concepts. Believe it or not, the grammar final is two weeks from Monday! Holy cow!

After going over the sentence, students have some time to review for their argument checkpoint – either with a partner or by themselves, and then they took the checkpoint. If you were absent, this is something you will have to come in before or after school to make up.

Next, students wrote sentences for our weekly words, shared them with their partner, and then a few students shared their sentences with the class before we moved into W.O.W. where a variety of students shared a variety of different types of writing. We will only have two more W.O.W. days before the end of the year! Can you believe it?!

Before heading to the library to complete topic proposals and research, I gave students a quick reminder of how to navigate the databases and what they need to access when it comes to moving on to their research. I also reminded them of this page of my website where I walk students through step-by-step how to complete this process. That way, when they are ready to move on, they can, and they don’t have to wait for the next lesson or demonstration because the demonstrations are in the videos.

Students had the rest of the time (about 25 minutes) to work. If they didn’t complete their topic proposal by the end of class, they need to finish over the weekend and email me a picture of it.


  1. Read for 60 minutes.
  3. RESEARCH – have at least five information boxes filled in on your research document
  4. Headphones all week next week