We’re still here!

While I haven’t posted a classroom update in awhile, I haven’t forgotten about you. 🙂 That’s simply because we have been working on speeches and MAP testing over the last week and a half, and there hasn’t been much to update about; however, now that MAP testing ended yesterday, and speeches are coming to an end today, updates will be regular until the end of the year.

Today is an EARLY OUT schedule, so after IR and the WA, the final five students will give their speeches, and then students will take a personalized survey online (something every student in the district is taking). We will end class by discussing point of view in Remember the Titans.

I have updated the month calendar on the back board, and I wanted to be sure to post it here for both students and parent reference. As a sign in my room says, due dates ARE closer than they appear, and the end of the year is going to approach fast. It’s important that students stay organized and use their time in class wisely. If they do this, finishing out the year strong won’t be difficult; however, if they don’t, given the finial writing assignment is more of a self-paced writing assignment, they can easily fall behind.



  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Complete argumentative vocabulary notes (received this last Thursday) by going here and writing the vocabulary words and terms on your academic vocabulary sheet. DUE TOMORROW.
  3. Bring headphones on Friday.