Did you bring your A game?

*I won’t be here tomorrow because I have meetings all day. The homework will be the same tomorrow as it is today. If you are absent on 4/11, make sure to ask a friend what happened in class, so you know what you need to do to get caught up.

Class began the usual way. If students needed to finish reviewing their point of view stuff, that did that during IR. Those students who were ready to retake the checkpoint had time during IR to do that as well. Those that didn’t have a chance to begin or didn’t finish will finish on THURSDAY. (If you weren’t here today, make sure to complete your review BEFORE Thursday as that will be the day in class anyone remaining completes the assessment.)

After IR, I talked with students about the active shooter drill happening tomorrow and answered any questions that they had.

Then it was time for literature circles. The journal prompt for today is listed below, so if you were absent, make sure you complete that.

Look at the topics list below. What topics do you see shining through so far? Make a list of the topics you see on your notebook paper. Next, write which ones you think are the most important or most prominent. What is happening in the novel that relates to them, why are they important, what message is the author sending about each?

* Friendship * Courage * Fear * Hope * Trust * Justice * Revenge * Forgiveness * Violence * Sacrifice * Generosity * Race-relations * Freedom * Tradition * Childhood * Fame * Growing Up * Survival * Purity * Family * Toughness * Perseverance * Love * Self-esteem * Gratitude *  Laziness * Acceptance * Kindness * Risk-taking * Happiness * Helpfulness * Empathy * Nature * Patriotism * Appearance * Reality * Stereotypes * Money * Ignorance * Knowledge * Technology * Science * Innocence * Religion * Loyalty * Selfishness *

Today marked the midpoint check for students when it came to their discussion skills. That meant that Mrs. Ruff was in our classroom, and her and I sat quietly (and awkwardly) in on every group, taking note of the discussion moves we heard happening but not participating in the discussion at all.

Before students began discussing, they were invited to take out their sheet where they wrote down their feedback from their first meeting, so they could review the skills they were strong in and the ones they needed to work on. Next, half the groups began discussing and other half had time to work on their This I Believe… speeches. About halfway through, those roles switched.

If you were absent today, make sure to grab a purple sheet out of your literature circle folder, so you can make-up the missed discussion.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Complete lit circle day 5 reading/task for THURSDAY