Review and Beginning

Class began like it normally does, but IR time was cut very short (for some students) today. After students had time to write down their synonyms and antonyms for the words from last week (engross, kindle, havoc, and translucent), IR ended in order to give time for students to do some review work with POV.

This review began with a quick whole-class review on choosing evidence, and for that, we used the presentation below.

POV Checkpoint – Reteaching

Last week, students took a checkpoint over POV. That score will ONLY go in the gradebook for students who scored proficient on it the first time around. Those students had a variety of options today related to language arts that they could have done during the first half of class.

For any student who struggled on a particular area – either analyzing a text for the appropriate POV of a character and/or explaining evidence – they had a different review task today, and they will have a chance to reassess tomorrow. That is the score that will actually go into the gradebook.

For those that needed to work on analyzing a text for POV, they completed an activity where they physically sorted evidence under the POV that it aligned with, seeing that while a piece of evidence here or there might work for something else, the VAST majority of evidence aligned with one of the POVS.

For those that needed to work on explaining evidence, this is the video they watched today to help them look at examples and think through errors and how to correct them.

They used the handout below to follow along.

Revisiting PoV Checkpoint – Explanations

Once the first half of class was over, students had a short break, and then they had an opportunity to look at example of people’s “This I Believe” projects. I had eight different essays out around the room, and students took at least two back to their desks to read just to get an idea of how their speeches will be constructed.

Some students already know the belief they want to speak about, and some students are unsure. For those that are unsure, I explained that their job today is to first figure out what belief they want to speak about, and they could do that by reading more examples OR completing the brainstorm sheet attached below.

TIB – Moments that Changed Your Life

Once students had their beliefs, they could go to google classroom to see where they will type their speech outline. I also provided an example for them, and that example is linked below.

Jeffers Example

Students had the rest of the time to work. These outlines are due Friday, but students should have time to complete it in class, so it is not homework at this point.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Complete your lit circle day 4 reading/task for tomorrow