What do you believe?

Class began the normal way. Students completed a WA that had them review a variety of different grammar skills. The grammar final will be here more quickly than you think, so now is the time to ask questions if you have them and review using the kahoots linked in the grammar section of this website.

After going over the corrections, students moved into notebook thinking, and the video was the NCAA “One Shining Moment” video for 2018. I invited students to write about the “shining moments” in their own lives – accomplishments they have felt super proud of – and also their biggest disappointments since there are a lot of disappointed athletes in this video as well.

We had some W.O.W. time today, and then I introduced students to our next project. Since we have been working with point of view over the past few weeks, it is time for students to share their own points of view! We started diving into this by students watching a video where people from all over the world shared their beliefs and then doing a little brainstorming on the document attached below.

I Believe POEM Brainstorm

After students had some time to share a few beliefs with their group members, I introduced them to the speaking assignment. They looked through the explanation and the rubric, and then they had time to have any questions they had answered. That is attached below.

This I Believe – Speech Assignment-Rubric

The schedule for preparing, practicing, and giving this speech is on the monthly calendar in the back of the room.

Class ended with a few minutes of reading time for literature circles.


  1. Bring headphones on Monday if you can!
  2. Read for 60 minutes.
  3. Complete your DAY 4 literature circle reading/task for TUESDAY