3/27 and 3/28

The day got away from me yesterday, so here is a summary of both Tuesday and Wednesday:


*Checked out our LIT CIRCLE books from the library

*Students set their reading schedule with their group members. If you weren’t here, you will want to make sure to go to the library and checkout your book and also copy a reading schedule from a group member. The document used for that is in the absent binder, and I have attached it below.

Lit Circles – Schedule

Click here for Daily Record/Journal Handout

*I did a mini lesson with the students on the importance of good questions and what good questions look like. Every student will be the questioner at least once, and a lot of the group’s success rests on the ability of the questioner to ask good questions, so it was important to establish the PURPOSE of questions in literature circles. The purpose IS to ask a question that spurs discussion, but the purpose IS NOT to quiz your team members. After thinking through a few examples together, students received the two handouts below to help them in crafting good questions.


Microsoft Word – DOK Question Stems

*Students had time to begin reading their DAY 1 section in class.



*Book talks/April Henry information in the library

*IR in the library

*KAHOOT! grammar/punctuation review

*Argument Pre-test (If you were absent, you’ll need to come in to make this up.)

*Literature Circle work time


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Complete DAY 1 reading and task for Lit Circles