Welcome Back!

It’s hard to believe we are already back from spring break, especially since that means the start of fourth quarter is right around the corner.

Today was mostly about getting back into the swing of things. The day began with a WA that review grammar and punctuation concepts, and then students went into IR. After going over the WA as a class, students received their rubrics back for their group theme analysis papers. They had a chance to look over the comments I left and where they might have done well or missed points and then ask me questions. Revisions are due ON or BEFORE FRIDAY unless other arrangements are made. If a student is required to make revisions, he/she must work with me at least one day after school. The way I will know a student has completed their revisions is that he/she will turn their graded rubric back into the bin. NOTE: I will not be available tomorrow after school as I have a meeting.

For Notebook Thinking, I invited students to write about their spring breaks, or they could write about whatever they wanted. We had W.O.W. time afterwards, so students had the opportunity to share spring break highlights or any other writing they wanted to.

Next came vocabulary. Students wrote down our next four vocabulary words, and, again, to get us back into the LA swing, we played Quizlet live!

Headway – noun – progress to a destination or goal

Obscure – adjective: difficult to understand or not well-know, verb: to hide

Pristine – adjective – remaining in a pure or unspoiled state

Ubiquitous – adjective – seeming to be everywhere

The last 20 minutes of class were dedicated to talking about where we are and where we are going with grammar, and students had about 15 minutes to get started on their homework which introduces them to the next three grammar concepts. After these three, we only have four more grammar rules to learn! Holy cow!

Click here to be taken to the grammar handout.

Click here to be taken to the presentation that goes along with the handout.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Complete the grammar notes/practice for WEDNESDAY.