Revision Day!

Class began the usual way. The WA asked students to reflect on their highs and lows of the month, and then they had a few minutes to share in their groups.

After honoring students for their reading achievements, we moved into notebook thinking, and the prompt for that is attached below.

Inside a Pinata

Next, students heard about the next five books offered for literature circles. Today I talked about Out of My Mind, Never Say Die, Uglies, The Alchemyst, and The Name of the Star. Here is the presentation we have been using to walk students through each book. While I expand on the summary a bit, it still gives you a good idea about the content and plot of the titles.

The focus of today’s class was revision. Today, students received feedback on the rough drafts of the theme projects, and they had time to read through the feedback and make revisions. They were first supposed to work with their partners to revise their introductions and their conclusions, and then they cold move on to their own paragraphs. I was available to answer questions or help students figure out how to make a necessary revision.

We will have some time to finish this tomorrow, and then final drafts are due on Friday! Eeek!


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Final drafts due Friday
  3. Vocab quiz next week