We’re back!

Whew! It has been awhile since I’ve updated with what has been going on in class. Thank you for your patience in getting this back up and running!

Class began the usual way. Students completed a welcome activity that had them reviewing a variety of grammar/punctuation skills.

After reading, we went into notebook thinking, and today’s video prompt is attached below. I invited students to write about something they want to do that no one else has ever done or a time that they have worked really hard to achieve a goal.

After writing, we moved into more book previews for upcoming literature circles. We looked at the second set of five on this presentation. If you were absent, I encourage you to look through the summaries of the books you missed hearing about, so you can rate them on your handout.

Literature Circle Options – 2018

Next, we took some time to think about the signpost quiz taken last week. Students looked at the student examples provided on the last few pages of this document, taking note of the proficient example and what didn’t quite work with the others. After I walked them through an example, students completed the other three signposts on their own before discussing with their groups and sharing out as I class.

I explained to students that they do have a chance to reassess if they are not happy with their scores. The format of the quiz would be exactly the same, but it would be over a different section of text. Retakes can be done any day before or after school, but they would need to be completed before spring break.

Class ended with a grammar review! Students played Kahoot! in their groups, choosing the skill they most wanted to review.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Review vocabulary for 10 minutes (QUIZ NEXT WEEK!)