Explaining Evidence/RACER Workshop – Day 2

Class began the usual way, but students did not have a WA today, so after reading, we moved right into NBT, and the student-submitted prompt for that is below. I suggested students write about an awkward moment they have had or been a part of.

To dive back into our work with improving both explanations and RACER responses as a whole, students watched a second Pixar short and analyzed three different explanations.

Best Explanation – Mike’s New Car and Explaining Theme

Students had time to work on this by themselves, analyzing each explanation and making note of the good and bad of each, and then they discussed with their partners. This time, example #1 was the best because example #2 was a summary, and example #3 explained a different theme.

After going over the answers, students had between 5 and 10 minutes to finish critiquing examples of student RACER responses, and then I went over a few of them on the board, so students would know what I was seeing when I looked at the responses.

This work finally brought us to the most important part: students seeing and reflecting on their own work. After opening up their computers and reading over their own answers, students were able to look at the rubric I used to grade them and make changes accordingly. Students had about 20-25 minutes to revise and turn their revisions back in to me. If they finished early, they received the reading attached below, so they could get a jumpstart on their homework.

Beware the Thunder TEXT


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Read the story “Beware the Thunder” in preparation for tomorrow’s class.