Writing Contest and Figurative Language Review

Class began the usual way. For WA, students looked at a sentence with errors in it, and they had to correct the errors.

Original: When there teacher is gone their to talkative and the effect is they loose the chance to earn panera.

Corrected: When their teacher is gone, they’re too talkative, and the effect is they lose the chance to earn Panera.

After going over the WA, I talked through the calendar with students, noting important dates, and then we moved into NBT, but today’s prompt came in the form of a writing contest! Scholastic Scope’s Write a Story contest has just begun, and this year Gordon Korman is the author helping out with it. He provided students with three different lines they could use to begin their own short stories, and then what happens next is up to the student! Students received the information they need to enter the contest, and they watched a short video where Gordon Korman talks about tips for writing a really great short story.

Students were encouraged to not only use the starters as their writing prompt today, but I also encouraged them to enter the contest! If they are interested in the contest, which many were, they received a second handout with a graphic organizer and a checklist to help them make sure they have everything they need. Entries aren’t due until March, but I’ll be sure to remind students as the year goes on.

After writing, students learned about the new book talk expectations, and they received the two handouts below. Students volunteered or were chosen to go for book talks tomorrow.

Book Talk HOOK Options

Book Talk Expectations-Rubric-Reflection (2nd Quarter)

The last portion of class was spent doing a review of figurative language by working with a partner to complete a variety activities at stations around the room. Students have a quiz over figurative language tomorrow.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Study vocabulary and figurative language for at least 15 minutes.