Magic Beyond Words

Class began the normal way, and students completed a WA where they had to change normal sentences into figurative language.

Turn these sentences into figurative language:

Hyperbole: Andy walked for a really long time through New York City.

Personification: Bombs fell on the city.

Metaphor: Carla was brave.

This is something that will prepare them for their figurative language quiz on Friday.

We briefly went over our agenda for the week and the homework (at the end of this post). Students then took a pretest on theme.

The last 30 minutes of class was devoted to beginning the movie Magic Beyond Words: the J.K. Rowling Story. We are watching this movie for a few reasons:

  1. Students just finished writing their own narrative pieces, and the movie relates to that by showing J.K. Rowling’s process of writing Harry Potter.
  2. The movie shows the struggle J.K. Rowling had when writing and publishing Harry Potter, and this is important for students to see. Success, especially success with writing, isn’t a quick process. People actually turned down J.K. Rowling! That goes to show students that writing is a struggle even for professional writers, so it is completely normal for them to struggle with the process and have to revise.
  3. The movie is rife with themes, and we will use the movie to jump start our discussion of theme as we move into the next unit.
  4. It’s super fun! The movie gives you an idea of how J.K. Rowling took inspiration from her own life when developing the details for her novel. Students had and will have a good time seeing those connections. This is also a good lesson in how ideas for your writing can come from anywhere!

We will finish the movie at the start of class tomorrow.

At the end of class, I also announced the winners of our terrifying scene contest! Congratulations to all winners and to everyone for working hard!


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Due Tomorrow: Fig. Lang. and IR
  3. Due Wednesday: Theme NOTES (7th) UPDATE – use google presentation