Class began a little differently today. We had computer access during the first half of class, so it was during this part of the day that students were able to work on their writing projects.

Before diving into that, however, students read through my example piece in order to see what one looks like when all said and done.


Students located and labeled both the setting and character paragraphs as well as the figurative language within those paragraphs. I drew students attention to the fact that the protagonist in my scene barely moves at all. A maximum of 700 words is not a lot, so don’t forcus so much on a character doing a lot of different stuff; instead, focus on creepy things happening around him/her.

After going over this example, students had about 25 minutes to work on their scenes. When done, they received the handout attached below to help them revise and make their scenes even stronger.

Terrifying Scene – I’m done. What do I do

After work time, students took a quiz on connotation/denotation and mood, wrote down our new vocabulary words, and moved into IR.

Ensanguine – adjective – blood red

Egregious – adjective – well beyond the bounds of what is right or proper; outrageous

Sabotage noun – a deliberate and usually secret act that causes damage or hinders an activity

Surreptitiously – adverb – to do something in a furtive/sneaky way; secretively

Class ended with students discussing the WA on compound and complex sentences.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Have your draft ready for peer revision tomorrow.
  3. Book orders are due on THURSDAY by 11:59 PM.