“Playtime” Analysis and Jenga Review

Class began the usual way. For WA, students looked at examples of figurative language and had to determine if they were truly uses of certain types of figurative language. Next, we moved into NBT, and the prompt is attached below:


After writing, students got into groups with their partners, and they worked through the story “Playtime” they were introduced to yesterday. They used the presentation below to talk through some of the key moments of the story, to discuss the figurative language, to learn about or review foreshadowing, and the practice with FANBOYS and AAAWWWUBBIS. Therefore, if you weren’t in class today, you definitely want to take the time and work through the presentation attached below.

“Playtime” follow up and analysis presentation

For the next part of class, students used this sheet to review a lot of different LA concepts while playing Jenga! If you have Jenga, this is something you can play outside of class, too!

Class ended with us watching PART of the clip below. It is from the Netflix series Stranger Things, and students were instructed to pay attention to what the writers and directors did to create suspense. We will talk about it tomorrow before we begin writing our scenes!


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Come to class prepared to start your scene tomorrow! Have an idea prepared before you get here.