Speaking Workshop 2

Class began the normal way. For WA, students planned a book talk to use for practicing their speaking skills, and then they moved into their reading.

Since it is Tuesday, today was a day for a video prompt, and the video we watched is attached below.

I invited students to write about what surprised or shocked them, how they would spend their “last bean,” or anything else on their minds.

A large portion of today was dedicated to students practicing their speaking skills. After I demonstrated a book talk, asking students to focus on how I do things like make eye contact with the whole room, use gestures, use inflection when reading the passage, etc., students paired up with a partner and took turns practicing their speaking back and forth, focusing on the two areas of delivery they need to improve the most.

After this speaking practice, students got into groups and followed up on the stations activity we did yesterday that centered around connotation, mood, and tone. They used this presentation to discuss some of the stations.

As students discussed during that activity, word choice greatly affects the mood of a piece of writing, and this is something students will have to be extra aware of when they are writing their terrifying scenes.

With that in mind, students watched the creepy video below (“Coffer”), paying attention to what they writer/director did to create the uneasy feeling in the reader and also the moment the video switches from creepy to scary.

After watching, students discussed in their groups the creepy things about it and the switch from creepy to scary. I also explained how this video gives the students a really good idea of what a creepy scene is like. This entire clip takes place in one setting, and that is what students need to do for their scene. It also focuses on ambiguity, not necessarily knowing whether or not the character is in grave danger until the very end. Students can follow this model when we begin typing in class on Friday.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Come to class prepared with an idea for Friday – this could mean that you completed the brainstorm sheet in the back of your A Terrifying Scene assignment packet. I don’t want you to spend the time you have in class to write coming up with your idea. Have that ready to go, so you can use your time in class wisely.