Book Talks, Reflection, Mood, OH MY!

After students got settled in their new seats, class began the usual way. Students completed a welcome activity that had them reviewing subject and predicate. It asked them what the subject and predicate were of two sentences. Those sentences are below. The subject is bolded and the predicate is underlined.

  1. Sadly, the Bettendorf Bulldogs beat the Pleasant Valley Spartans.
  2. The weather was beautiful, and I didn’t have any homework.

We skipped Notebook Thinking today for Book Talks, and after students gave book talks, today was more of a housekeeping/finishing work day.

With conferences coming up and with quarter one quickly coming to an end, it was time for students to reflect on their time so far in language arts. The received the handout below and worked through looking at their portal and a variety of other things in order to complete the reflection. This will be shared with parents during conferences.

First Quarter Reflection Sheet

After students completed this and turned it in, they finished working on the mood work they began yesterday with “Duffy’s Jacket.” The handout and passages they needed for that are linked below.

Duffy’s Jacket and Mood


If students had time, they began using the presentation and handout below to introduce themselves to our next grammar concept – something that requires an understanding of subject and predicate. FINISHING THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK.

Learning About Compound and Complex Sentences

Link for the handout above


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Complete “Duffy’s Jacket” mood work if not completed in class