Speaking Skills Workshop

Class began the usual way. For WA, students were to complete revising their summary if they did not finish in class yesterday.

After reading, I showed students how to submit vocabulary words they find in their books by going here and completing the google form found at the link.

Students moved into NBT, and the prompt for today is below.


After writing time, students received a sheet that looks like the one attached below, but it was filled out with information specific to them. For each student, I highlighted two areas I want them to be working on in order to improve their speaking skills. As I explained in class, while there may be more areas a student is not yet proficient in, it is better to focus on improving just a couple of things at a time rather than trying to overhaul everything.

Speaking Workshop 1

Students planned a “fake” book talk in order to practice today, and I gave them an example of what a good book talk looks like, asking them to observe how I carry out the two specific areas they are supposed to work on. Also, I demonstrated what the “challenges” look like for those students who are ready to exceed the standard.

Next, students had some time to practice to the wall, making sure to focus on these particular areas.

Class ended with students writing synonyms and antonyms for our weekly words and then playing vocabulary jenga in order to review!


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Revisions are due tomorrow for your letters.
  3. Complete the yellow plot sheet you received on Tuesday. It is attached below.

Plot Structure Notes (follow Prezi)