It’s All in the Details day 3

Class began the usual way. Students wrote down the seven components of a good summary for their WA, but instead of moving into NBT next, we discussed emergency procedures for fire, tornado, and intruder.

Afterwards, students received there Letter assignments back from me. The had the opportunity to look at their scores and read my feedback. If they were happy with their scores, students turned the papers back in to me. If they wanted to revise, students could keep their papers, and their revisions are due ON OR BEFORE THURSDAY OF NEXT WEEK. If a student kept their paper to revise but doesn’t turn something in to me by this time, the assignment will be marked as missing in the gradebook.

After going over this information, students had some time to work with their partners to come up with synonyms and antonyms for their weekly words, and then they spent some time quizzing each other on the vocabulary we have had so far.

Next, students worked on the summary work they started earlier this week. Students looked at the feedback I left for them on their central idea work, and they made necessary revisions based on those comments before resubmitting work. After that, they read an article and completed a google form that “tested” their ability to choose the correct main ideas for a summary.

Class ended with CNN10 and NBT.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.