It’s all in the Details

Class today and tomorrow will follow the same format, so this will keep you updated with what is going on through Wednesday.

Finishing our first round of book talks is taking a large chunk out of class over these two days. Please note that usually this isn’t the case because we generally have more time to get everyone in. This first midterm of the year is the exception.

After book talks, students have three tasks to complete over these two days:

  1. Complete the summary from Monday.
  2. Complete the “It’s all in the Details” lesson. The handout for this is below, and you can find the presentation/activities you need in google classroom under STEP 1. Students can complete this with a partner or independently.

It’s All in the Details – Handout for Google Presentation

  1. Once the “It’s all in the Details” practice is complete, go to google classroom and complete the google form there. This should be done independently.

Homework for 9/19:

  1. Read for 25 minutes.

Homework for 9/20:

  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Complete the pink sheet (Step 1) you were working on today in class.