Poo, sleep, and CENTRAL IDEA

*Students MAP tested the last two days.

Class began the usual way. Students completed a parts of speech activity for the WA, and we went over that after reading time. Next came NBT, and since its Friday, students had four prompts today:

—Write about a time someone was kind to you.

—Do you get scared easily? Write about an experience (possibly haunted house, scary movie, Halloween, etc.) where you were scared.

—If you could invent anything, what would you invent? What would it be able to do? For how much would you sell it?

—You’re walking home from a friend’s house when you realize you are being followed. What happens next?

Yesterday, students were given the homework to review the seven components of a good summary, and today they were “tested” to see how much they remembered. Most students at least improved their “score” from the day before, but there is still some work to do. Students need to know these seven things, so they should review them over the weekend if they struggled today as we will go over them again on Monday.

After reviewing, we shifted into our main lesson of the day on CENTRAL IDEA. The following article from Upfront magazine was displayed for them, and I read it aloud:

England’s ‘Number 2’ Museum

Great Britain has a new museum dedicated to something that isn’t usually discussed in polite company. The National Poo Museum, which opened in March at the Isle of Wight Zoo, features 20 kinds of stool, taken from elk to lions to human babies from all over the world. It even has fossilized poo, known as coprolites, dating back 140 million years….The purpose of the “poo-seum” is to educate people about poop-related issues, from the role it plays in the digestive system to problems like the lack of sanitation in developing countries…

After reading, I reminded students that a central idea is a statement that captures the main point or points of an informational text, so that means when we come up with the central idea for a piece, we should be able to look back at it and see that EVERYTHING in the article relates back to this idea. A good way to do this and make sure you don’t get too specific is to read something and then put it out of sight. Then, write down in one sentence what the article was generally about. The central idea for the above excerpt is below:

People can learn a lot about poop at the National Poo Museum.

After finding text evidence to back this idea up (which shouldn’t be hard since everything should relate back to it), students visited google classroom where they found their work for today. MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE STEP 1 BEFORE COMPLETING THE ASSIGNMENT ON STEP 2.

Step 1: Use the presentation uploaded to google classroom to complete the pink handout which is attached below.

Components of Summary – Central Idea

Step 2: Once you are done with step 2, complete the assignment on google classroom. This is DUE on or before MONDAY NIGHT.

We ended class with W.O.W.


  1. Read for 60 minutes.
  2. Complete central idea work (step 1, 2) before MONDAY at 11:59 PM.