Writings of the Week

Quick update:

  • We reviewed RACER during the Welcome Activity.
  • Today was our first day of W.O.W. (Writings of the Week), and many students volunteered to share! It was awesome to hear what they had to say.
  • Students had a chunk of time to work on their letters which are due on TUESDAY.
  • We ended class by students using the sentence frames below to write sentences for our weekly words.

¨Conspicuous – I’m conspicuous about the fact that I love _________.

¨Grueling – Last week, ______ was grueling because ________.

¨Meander – I shouldn’t meander on my way to ________ because _______.

¨Replenish – I needed to replenish my energy after_____ because ______.



  1. Read for 60 minutes.
  2. Letter due TUESDAY