Library Breakout!

Class began the usual way. Students turned in their homework from last night, and for the Welcome Activity, they answered this question: What are the three BIG QUESTIONS we will use when reading nonfiction? *Hint: there are pink sheets in the informational section of your binder that answer this for you.

After reading, students discussed this question at their tables and then shared as a class. We moved into Notebook Thinking after I went over homework and information on the welcome slide. Today was four prompt Friday, and the prompts suggested to the students are listed below.

—The law says you have to go to school. Why? Why is school important? Do you think the law should mandate that people go to school until a certain age?

—If you could design a room made especially for you, what would it look like, and what would be in it? Be as creative as you can.

—Respond to this quote by Robert Frost: In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

—When was the last time you were really upset? What happened?

After NBT, we moved into our last day working with our first round of words. On Day 3 of weekly words, students should write a sentence using the word, but it is important they make the sentence relevant to their own lives because this will help them remember the word. To help out with this, I gave a few examples my self, and I also provided the sentence frames below to help students in constructing sentences that use the words in the right way. These frames are a suggestion and not a requirement, however, so students are welcome to construct sentences of their own as well.

¨Aplomb – When I’m ______, I move with aplomb.

¨Brackish – A brackish food I enjoy is/are ___.

¨Furtive – The last time I did something furtive, I _________.

¨Swagger – ______ swaggers down the hall because ________.

The rest of the period was spent in the library where Mrs. Roche had prepared an “Escape the Room” for the library that helped students learn more about how to use the resources there and where everything is located. It seemed like everyone had a blast solving the mystery, and I certainly had a blast watching!

Enjoy your extended weekend!


  1. Read for 60 minutes.