Introduction to Book Talks

Class began the normal way. For those students who have Instagram, I encouraged them to follow me @ms.jeffers for homework reminders, class updates, and other important and interesting information.

Today’s focus was learning about one of the speaking components of class: the book talk. Students received the handout below and had time to look it over and ask questions.

Book Talk ExpectationsRubric (1st Quarter)

Next, I modeled a book talk using my favorite book of all time, Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon. While speaking, I projected my notecard on the screen, so students could see what it looks like.


I talked through the different parts of the booktalk and explained what my notes meant before I began speaking.

After my example, students had some time to work on a notecard of their own for the book they are currently reading. I was able to answer more questions they had at this time. They had a few minutes to practice to the wall before it was time to pack up.


  1. Read for 25 minutes.
  2. Finish reading the cyberbullying article and note FIVE MORE THINGS that surprised you. See yesterday’s post for details.